Eric Dush

A little about myself - 

My Name is Eric Dush and I am a Photographer from Watch Hill, Rhode Island. I am a 2017 Hobart College graduate with a BA in environmental studies and a minor in studio art.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of being able to create...

Being fortunate enough to live on the beach I quickly developed a strong connection to the ocean. I grew up obsessively watching surfing videos and flipping through SURFER magazine daydreaming about Pipeline in Hawaii. My friends and I would spend hours at the beach skimboarding, bodyboarding and surfing. We all shared the same fascination with the water and still do to this day. 

Admiring various photographers such as Chris Burkard, Robbie Crawford and Clark Little, I was able to push myself to obtain quality images and learn from their work. I soon developed my own style and pursued my newly found passion for photography through the use of the GoPro. 

 I began to sell photos to Watch Hill locals and used the money to invest in a high end DSLR camera as well as a SPL Water Housing to take my photography to the next level. 

I now share my images with the public not to focus on producing sales, but to show my love for Watch Hill, surfing and photography through my own eyes.

Image Information - 

Custom prints are available through email ( Each image is locally printed on the highest quality photo paper and shipped in protective tubing to assure our customer's satisfaction. Orders process between 5-7 business days and include free shipping.